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Save more on health care this year with Medigap. The enrollment period is here, and now is the time to fill your health care gaps with supplemental insurance

Learn about Medigap coverage and discover how it helps seniors with changing health care needs. 

Medigap Insurance

Medigap is private insurance that fills the gap left behind from Original Medicare. While basic Medicare pays for most beneficiary health care costs, Medigap covers the remaining amounts. 

This additional coverage helps pay for the following




Essentially, basic Medicare pays its share of the medical costs, and Medigap pays its share toward the remaining amount. Also, many Medigap plans cover a variety of services that Original Medicare doesn't cover. This added protection makes it possible to stay protected while traveling outside the United States. Not only does Medigap save on out-of-pocket costs, but it also expands coverage. 

Everything You Need to Know About Medigap

First, only beneficiaries with Original Medicare are eligible to purchase Medigap. In addition to paying a monthly premium on Plan B, those with a Medigap policy pay a separate premium to the Medigap provider. Once a beneficiary purchases Medigap, the policy can be renewed every year. Also, the provider cannot drop the beneficiary due to additional health problems.

Beneficiaries can purchase a Medigap policy from any Medicare-approved insurance group within their state. However, it's illegal to sell a Medigap policy to a beneficiary with an existing Medicare Advantage policy. Beneficiaries that are in the process of dropping their Plan C coverage are the exception to this rule. 

Beneficiaries that are interested in Medigap coverage should buy a policy when they're first eligible. By purchasing a Medigap policy during the enrollment period, beneficiaries can take advantage of better prices and more choices while avoiding higher costs that result from a failure to meet the deadline.  

Medigap providers use medical underwriting to determine an applicant's acceptance and how much to charge. Nonetheless, beneficiaries with pre-existing health conditions may purchase any policy at the same rate as people with good health, as long as the purchase occurs during the enrollment period. Medigap providers may choose not to sell policies or charge more to beneficiaries that miss the enrollment period and don't meet the medical underwriting requirements. 

Some Medigap plans sold before January 1, 2006, included prescription drugs. However, policies sold afterward have excluded medications from coverage. Beneficiaries that are interested in prescription drug coverage can purchase a separate Plan D policy.

Medigap only covers one beneficiary. Therefore, married couples must purchase two policies if both want the supplemental insurance coverage. Unlike Medicare Advantage that provides additional services, Medigap only supplements the benefits provided by basic Medicare. It's also important to note that individuals new to Medicare cannot use Medigap to cover the Plan B deductible. This rule also applies to those eligible for Plan C and Plan F. Beneficiaries that already purchased supplemental insurance before January 1, 2020, can keep their existing plans. 

Medigap doesn't cover all benefits. This exclusion of benefits involves





At some point, Medigap beneficiaries may want to purchase a different plan or drop their policy to make Medicare Advantage available. It's noteworthy to mention that anyone buying a Plan C or D policy may have to pay a late enrollment penalty under the following conditions:

The beneficiary's previous Medigap policy excluded prescription drug coverage.

The beneficiary has 63 consecutive days without prescription drug coverage.

Since Medigap policies are mostly standardized, comparing plans is simple. All Medigap providers must follow federal and state laws that protect beneficiaries and advertise policies as "Medicare Supplement Insurance."

Medigap policies offer the same core benefits, but some offer additional benefits from which to choose. While each state has different laws that affect the types of available Medigap coverage, all insurance providers select the policies they want to sell.  

Learn More About Medicare Advantage

Medicare Plan A and Medicare Plan B are the two basics parts of Original Medicare. While Medicare Plan A covers hospital-related care, Plan B covers services and supplies. However, Original Medicare only covers a limited list of services and supplies. Medicare Advantage provides an umbrella of protection that covers services and prescription drugs left behind by basic Medicare. 

There are several Medicare Advantage providers from which beneficiaries can choose. Although there are a few minor differences between the states, most Medicare Advantage plans have the same benefits. Seniors can choose added coverage for a variety of services like dental, vision, and prescription drugs.

If you want to learn more about Medicare Advantage, speak with one of our licensed insurance representatives. Learn more about Medicare Advantage plans and discover better ways to save money while increasing your health benefits. Our friendly representatives are trained insurance agents that will explain the pros and cons of some of the most popular Medicare Advantage plans in the nation. We won't rush you into buying just any policy. Instead, we'll take the time to make sure you understand everything you need to make an informed decision. Call us now to learn more about Medicare Advantage before it's too late.  

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$0 monthly premium Medicare plans may be available in your state

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